On Tuesday, three proposals for stimulus plans to achieve some degree of economic facilitation by the end of 2020 were presented. But so far, no one has brought the United States closer to a COVID 19 rescue law, which will go through both houses of Congress and become law. If they succeed – and President Donald Trump also insists that this happens – individuals will likely see a similar payment in the first round that expired in March. This means that most people would receive a cheque for $1,200. But McConnell insists the next stimulus package should be similar to his $500 billion stimulus package and stresses that the legislation needs to be "very focused on the remaining issues." If a deal is made, cnet.com has created a tool that allows you to estimate how much you could receive. You can access it by looking at this article. A smaller bill could be passed now, and a bigger one could happen later: a subset of programs could be funded before Biden becomes president, such as unemployment aid or an extension of the deportation ban, with the new Congress returning to other programs after his inauguration, such as a second stimulus check. As current president, Trump is expected to sign any legislation passed by January 20 so it can take effect. While many analysts expect lawmakers to put aside their partisan differences and adopt a new stimulus package, the extent and date of a measure remains uncertain. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he supports a new stimulus package, and at a November 4 news conference he said he wants an aid deal passed before the end of the year. The House of Representatives has nine days of formal session and the Senate 14 days before both chambers adjourn for the new year.

With less than a month to debate, design and vote on a new stimulus package, Congress is expected to work overtime, including weekends, to reach some kind of deal. House of Representatives spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi rejected the $1.8 billion offer, saying she had not done enough for provisions such as testing and tracing, and on funding child care. Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin said the government`s priority was to use $300 billion from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) to fund the $130 billion paycheck Protection Program and provide assistance to the struggling aviation industry. But there are also scenarios in which a person could this time receive a minor examination. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said Tuesday that it is "imperative" that lawmakers meet to pass a new round of stimulus plans. "Increasing the number of cases will increase the pressure on small businesses that are hard hit by the pandemic," McMillon said on a conference call with analysts. The parties agree that Americans need a second round of stimulus packages as the country continues to try to get through the coronavirus pandemic, but they can`t find a way to reach an agreement with Democrats who would have included a $2.2 trillion aid plan and Republicans with a $1.8 trillion deal.