Hello," installp -acgXYd . ALL" updates file sets when an older version is available on the system. Otherwise, it will be installed. This corresponds to "smit install_latest" if you choose:ONLY PREVIEW? (Installation process is NOT executed) – noCOMMIT software update? YesSAVE replaced files? Don`t install software needed to install AUTOMATICALLY? YesEXTEND file systems in case of space? YesOVERWRITE identical or recent versions? Install noVERIFY and check file sizes? NoInclude sets of corresponding LANGUAGE files? YesDETAILED Out? NoProcess multi-volume? JaACCEPT new licensing agreements? "YesPreview new licensing agreements?" No Veeam agent for IBM AIX stores license information in its database. The license information is valid for 32 days. If Veeam Agent for IBM AIX does not connect to Veeam Backup – Replication during this period, Veeam Backup – Replication will cancel the license. 7. Arrow to the acceptance of new licensing agreements? and yes tab, tap (by default, this option is no) To work with Veeam Agent for IBM AIX, you need to get a license and install it on the protected computer. As long as you don`t have a license installed, you can`t use the product. I fly blindly here – I have a server in Angola, and this machine gives the symptoms of a server that was not accepted when recovering and launching mksysb.

This means that although it is run at level 2, many processes are not initiated. There is no graphical interface on the console. I can only enter the box through Telnet. Thank you so much for that! I suspected the license, but it`s not on the menu, so it was accepted….. other problems then. You can use Veeam Agent for the IBM AIX command interface to install a license, monitor the status of the installed license, or remove the license if necessary. What command can I execute to accept the license and start the environment correctly? If you want to use Veeam Agent for IBM AIX with Veeam Backup – Replication, you must have installed a license in Veeam Backup – Replication. The license must have a total number of instances sufficient to protect IBM AIX computers for which you want to create backups in a Veeam backup repository. The number of backup commands configured in Veeam Agent for IBM AIX does not affect instance consumption. For more information on instance licensing in Veeam Backup – Replication, visit the Licensed Objects section of the Veeam Backup – User Guide Replication. If you`re using Veeam Agent for IBM AIX with Veeam Backup – Replication, you need to install and manage the license in the Veeam Backup – Replication console or in Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager. After Veeam Agent established a link with Veeam Backup – Replication for IBM AIX, Veeam Agent for IBM AIX automatically starts using the license.

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