The significance and usefulness of all features of the software will not be fully understood or appreciated until your Louisiana child care agreement is concluded and implemented. For example, the ability to easily document, modify and track your agreement provides both parents with accurate information and concrete data that helps minimize confusion, frustration and conflict. This allows you to avoid those frustrating and argumentative discussions made of "He Said – She Said" or "I Remember This – The Parent Other Remembers That". Parents generally avoid modifying and following LA`s child care agreement in the absence of a structured format that allows for a streamlined documentation process and easy access to verification. This software provides a structured and user-friendly environment to simplify documentation. The benefits don`t stop, as the software allows you to compile and export all your documents for use in multiple printable reports and portable devices such as tablets and smartphones. The most important thing is that it helps to avoid these frustrating, irritating and often conflicting situations by creating a more cooperative, coherent and fruitful cooperation. Remember that the quality of your child`s education depends heavily on your ability to establish and maintain a cooperative, consistent and successful co-parenting relationship. The purpose of any LA parental safety agreement is to ensure that all aspects of a child`s physical and emotional needs are taken into account. No family situation will ever provide ideal circumstances, but parents must make the most of their broken family by ensuring that their children`s "Best Interests" are at the centre of concerns. Both parents must prioritize the needs of children over themselves and accept an agreement that allows their children to receive the best possible education. If you and the other parents do not agree with your plan, the court may order you to participate in mediation.

In mediation, you and the other parent will meet with a mediator to develop an agreement. If an agreement is reached in mediation, the Ombudsman will prepare a written agreement and submit it to the court. Parents can change a custody system, but it is much easier if the parents, instead of the court, establish the first custodial regime by mutual agreement.