A tenant may waive the portion of the tenancy agreement without the other tenant losing his right to the lease. You must let us know in writing, as well as the other tenants who are a tenant, 4 weeks before their task. At the same time, they must also inform all other household members over the age of 16. You continue to share responsibility for the lease until the end of the 4 weeks. The remaining tenant or tenant is not required to sign a new lease. Among those who can pass a lease, there is also a same-sex roommate and an adult caretaker who stayed with the tenant when he died. To assign your rental agreement, add a co-hire tenant or to inform us of a name change, you must complete the corresponding form that can be downloaded or requested by one of our housing offices. They are still responsible for their share of the lease until they have written to us that they want to give up. If you cannot contact them or if they are not willing to give up their lease, we must take legal action to remove them from the lease. Or you can ask the court to have the seated tenant`s name removed from the tenancy agreement.

In order for a tenant to give up their part of the lease, they have to send us a letter. You must complete a common lease application form (PDF, 137kb). If a roommate has left without informing us or providing a new contact address, we will send a section 20 notification. This communication allows us to remove them from the lease if no contact is made. This can take up to 2 months. The lease agreement will only be entered into with a joint tenancy agreement when you and the new tenant sign the co-tenant approval form. "When a house is allocated through the furnished rental and has a furnished rental, it is created as a furnished rental contract for which a service fee is charged. The service charge will continue until the accommodation is no longer considered a furnished emission apartment. This decision as to whether the property should still be considered a furnished sorat will be reconsidered once all the property has been paid; At this stage, the Commission will consider the possibility of replacing the goods.

It will be the decision of the tenants to replace the goods or abandon them with the furnished rental contract. Make changes to your lease to reflect rent or joint allocation (transfer of a lease) You can give your lease to someone else in your home. This is called "assignment." You can do this if you want to move or if someone else has preferred to be responsible for the lease. The person who takes over the lease must have lived with you for at least 12 months. You pass on all your rights and duties to the other person. A common tenancy agreement is when 2 or more adults are listed in the tenancy agreement and each tenant is responsible for the tenancy agreement jointly and individually. This means that each tenant is responsible for the full rent (not just half) and if one tenant breaks the contract, we can make the other person responsible. If one tenant decides to terminate their tenancy agreement, the other tenant has the right to stay in the house. If you change your last name, you do not need to change your agreement, but you must inform us. Fill out a change form for the name change (PDF, 110kb). We`re changing your lease.

Information about the termination of a lease and what should be done before leaving may, in certain circumstances, require the creation of a common lease, and whether the applicant has lived at least 12 months as a principal residence with the tenant as part of the household. The landlord`s written consent is required, even if consent is not improperly retained. A lease agreement can also be converted with the agreement of both parties from Joint to Alone.