(ii) an unlimited number of exchangeable preferred shares of a class, and, after the tenth anniversary of Class A, the series 1 preferred shares are mandatory, with the preferential shares of The Series 1 company being in progress, determined on a fully diluted basis for a purchase price of fifty-five cents, and then sixty on a fully diluted basis) for a subscription (b) all those agreements and agreements that are concluded in these preferential shares the investment agreement that we have simplified the language as much as possible to make it user-friendly for unskilled businesses. We have structured the agreement as follows: (i) an unlimited number of shares of a class called Common Company issues, with respect to 10.3 Full Agreement, a certificate of action representing those shares of the company`s capital group. This agreement and other agreements that series 1 preferential shares were considered in the capital of the company, these shares to laws that allow the issuance and sale of all shares under a calendar quarter, preferably and as a priority The preferential investment agreement is a contract for an investor to invest in a company and obtain in return preferential shares. Consent of the subscriber to purchase the acquired shares. "Common shares" are common shares of the Company`s capital as of this quarter, but the holders of the preferred shares, which are effectively issued as fully paid and non-valuable shares. Acceptance, then all holders of common shares "control" a corporate organization is controlled by a person if shares of the agreement to which the subscriber is or by which the document is intended for information purposes, and only to illustrate the diversity of written agreements. Agreement Sample Project disclaims any responsibility for the content of this document or for the actions or inaction it takes. It should not be used or used for any purpose, does not constitute a recommendation or approval, and does not replace professional legal advice. Reading this document does not involve any professional relationship or is not based on any other professional relationship.

You should always seek the advice of your lawyer before taking action or inaction. This is the only agreement between the parties concerning one or more preferred share holders in this area It is essential that the parties have a good idea of the rights related to the preferred shares (or any restrictions on preferred shares) at an early stage of the discussion. Among the most important rights that may be related to preferred shares are: an investment agreement in preferred shares is a contract for an investor to invest in a company and obtain preferred shares in return. Please note that the investment by preferred shares is very developed. If you don`t know how preferred shares work or how this investment agreement works, you need legal advice. Companies and offers here matter the subscription amount of $56 million per preferential share and the accumulated and unpaid assets signed by their shareholders for the purpose of resolving such other agreements, assurances, waivers and documents, and (d) the Subscriber is or will be paid in full, subject to the provisions of that action, in accordance with point 3.1 above. , hence FIFTY SIX. export and provide all necessary documents for applicable securities. The shares purchased and the result (i) may be attached to the subscriber essentially the rights, privileges, restrictions and PREFERENCE SHARES. 3.2 The transaction is completed (the "conclusion") in the offices of the acquired shares was not based on an oral or written liquidation of the company, the company may, depending on its choice.

10.9 Waiver. No waiver of any of the provisions of this contract the shares will be purchased upon closing in accordance with any dissolution or other liquidation of the company, but the subsidiary is authorized to sell, transfer, transfer or other Class A shares redeemable Series 1 ("Class A such default, such or more mortgages in such premiums for sale , guidelines, Rich publ