"I had a problem with my Kenmore refrigerator and contacted Sears Home Repair Services for on-site repairs. Not only did the technician correct the problem, but he explained the cause clearly. I am very satisfied with this service. " – Melita J., March 19, 2020 Sign up for offers and advice on everything Sears Home Services has to offer, including appliance repair, home improvement, DIY repairs, home warranties and more. Elizabeth ended with the cynical conclusion: "I`ve heard that if you buy a protection plan, Sears puts you on the last one of the list because they already have your money. I spent two months trying to wait on my Sears protection plan without any repairs. This helps you avoid the high cost of unexpected repairs If you own a home, don`t worry about the costs of repairing or replacing essential systems and equipment that keep your home in good condition. The best way to get some rest is to buy a home warranty. Keep reading about how a Sears Appliance warranty can protect your home. Of course, this argument is diverged if the insurance company or insurer subject to the guarantee does not maintain the end of the agreement. And just last month, we wrote to a lot of people complaining about their Sears Maintenance Agreements — long wait times for repairs, repairers who don`t show up, if expected, repairers that aren`t available at all. And here is a similar story from Teresa F. of Harlowton, Mount, on October 24: "I spoke six weeks ago about the need for a washing machine repair. When I reported the problem, they told me that the service center would call with the date and time of the date.

I waited almost a week and there was no call. Two calls later, I was finally informed that there was no technician before a 6-week appointment. Relenting, I made the appointment…. Today was the day of the appointment, no technician appeared, no cancellation of call, nothing! For example, are you saying that the client`s objection is "$99 for an AD?" It`s a little expensive now! So I would like to clarify the objection by saying, "So you are questionable about the value of THE MA?" and then I pay it back and say, "Well, I understand, no one should have to pay an extra price for something without knowing why" and I responded by saying, "However, these days, the high cost of repairs can go up to hundreds of dollars and become a huge inconvenience. The sears maintenance contract would save you all this and keep you safe. In addition, our annual preventative maintenance check will allow your product to run smoothly and extend its life. Finally, I would seek approval by saying, "Now, Mr. and Mrs., you do not agree."