The lessor can assert a claim for damages against the tenant, but must reimburse the deposit before he can assert his rights. Pet deposits are not refunded and can be calculated as a one-time or monthly fee. The owner must declare pet bonds as "non-refundable" and they will not be part of the bond. The fee must not exceed one month`s rent. If the pet causes damage beyond the deposit fee, the renter may be charged if the damage exceeds the amount of the deposit. I did not damage the apartment and left it clean, and I was reimbursed by the Rentalsman. I was advised to pay my last month`s rent to the landlord, not the landlord. This led to the landlord having my original "deposit" as his last month`s rent and the landlord my "deposit". If the actual costs are lower than what the landlord estimated in the claim, the unused amount of the deposit must be refunded to the tenant. "They [the owner] can claim the deposit, but they can`t demand that more than 50 percent of them be paid at the time of entry," Beck said. "The balance is payable within two months of the lease." At the beginning of the lease: • If a lease requires a deposit, the tenant can pay it directly to the landlord or to a Service in the New Brunswick Centre. The deposit payment form is required and a receipt must be provided.

Landlords and tenants should also complete an inspection report. At the end of the lease: • The tenant must request the refund of the deposit through the request for return of the deposit. The tenant may also request that the deposit be transferred to another rental unit or transferred to another tenant who remains in the same premises.