The subject-verb agreement in each of these sentences is clear and the reader does not wonder who made the plot and what they did. It is clear that subject-verb concordance is essential and even critical in all forms of English writing. Why would you take care of it? Well, for starters, the purpose of writing is to convey your message, and that won`t be possible if your reader doesn`t understand what you mean. Second, it`s always a good idea to practice good grammar while writing, because it makes you believable. The use of these conventions is important for good English writing. In the scientific letter, the neglect of subject-verb agreements has serious consequences. This involves not getting your message across, confusing your readers, and reducing your credibility. Academic writing is characterized by perfect syntax, sentence structure, and grammar. These things cannot be ignored and you need to pay attention to your subject-verb chords when writing your manuscript.

Rule 1. A topic will come before a sentence that will begin with. This is a key rule for understanding topics. The word of the is the culprit of many errors, perhaps most of the errors of subject and verb. Authors, speakers, readers, and listeners may ignore the all-too-common error in the following sentence: Pay attention to the subject-verb agreement in your sentences, yes. This sentence refers to the individual efforts of each crew member….