Delta has just reported the second-best operating margin in the sector for the last quarter behind WN and DL margins are closer to Wn`s margins than AA and AU. DL makes decisions not on the basis of emotion or pride, but rather on hard data. In the case of the IROP agreement, statistics show that the less reliable operation of AA, although it has been significantly improved compared to two and a half years ago, is more likely to send passengers without luggage to DL than the other way around. To mention only the following part: I`m sure you already know, but sometimes the agreement is just one; A can sell tickets on B, but B cannot sell tickets on A. The pedal in me proposes to use "(and in general the other way around) " for the first enumeration point. I was able to rent them separately, but not together. The final line of DL`s offer states that "other aspects of this old agreement, including the tariff combination for travel agencies and other third-party sales, have not returned." No, I do not want WN to have to work with other airlines if they do not want to. If AA and DL can figure out how to work together, that`s great. If this is not the case, there are options, including the change of direct booking of the ticket office. "Thanks to the excellent operational performance of the staff, Delta customers have a first-class experience. Unfortunately, we couldn`t reach an agreement with American that correctly took into account the number of IROPs customers that American passed on to us," said Eric Phillips, Senior Vice President, Revenue Management. In July, for example, U.S. passengers sent passengers to Delta to Delta with a five-to-one ratio.

At this rate, the inter-professional agreement was no longer beneficial. Delta and American Airlines (including US Airways) will no longer have an interline ticketing and baggage agreement as of September 15. The agreement provided, among other things, for airlines to rewrite their own customers to other airlines during irregular flights. The accommodation agreement is required by both parties, as it is for DL and UA, and it goes without saying that prices and conditions reflect what DL and UA have. To say that DL has given in without being able to produce actual details is simply imprecise. Interline agreements differ from code-sharing agreements in that codeshare agreements generally relate to the numbering of a flight with the company`s code (acronym), although the flight is operated by another airline. However, codeshare relationships may affect whether an interline ticket (or e-ticket) can be issued, since the codeshare marketing carrier and code-sharing operator must have interline agreements with all other airlines in the itinerary for a single ticket to be issued. Until now, only major network operators such as United Airlines and Lufthansa had electronic ticket interconnection agreements, but IATA`s mandate to remove paper tickets at the end of 2007 changed this situation by requiring smaller airlines to introduce electronic tickets.