The panel of interviews will generally be written as follows: The Head of Division/Dean is responsible for establishing a shortlist of candidates in the ranks of the SAR/HR. Beckles` call was followed by a two-day retreat focused on the financial situation and UWI`s commitment to regional economic growth, with a specific review of the university`s first two years of performance as part of its five-year three-year strategic plan, which began in 2017 under the theme "Revitalization." (iii) another member of the Department/Unit`s senior staff. The university stated that the late payment of salaries worsened the deterioration of its financial situation due to the COVID 19 pandemic. "Indeed, wiGUT Jamaica has never agreed to negotiate with the university`s management a reduction in salaries, including benefits such as holidays, etc., which are currently appreciated by staff," said the President. The chair of the proceeding is responsible for the handing over of a detailed report to the nominating committee and for the fact that it is responsible for the decision of the nominating committee (ATSS). (i) A member of the Nominating Committee (ATSS) chair of this committee, after the university stated that, over the past two decades, the school has been challenged with the increase in debt levels to governments due to the reduction in budgetary margin associated with the decline in competitiveness and conditionality of the International Monetary Fund. By Vice-Chancellor and Campus Director of UWI Sankin, Professor Clement Sankat took the opportunity to reaffirm his commitment to the provision of an educational institution that recognizes the value and well-being of staff. He felt that the UWI could only achieve excellence and results if the two institutions cooperated in a timely manner. No one who gave testimony to an interviewee is included in the interviewer panel. According to the letter, the university`s management, through the inter-members, proposed to suspend several benefits for two years without the deadline expiring.