Form VA 21-0958 is a form issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This form is mainly used by Veterans who do not agree with a decision regarding the right to their military compensation and wish to check with the department. First of all, you need to send the date of the notification/decision letter. It was the date of the letter that contained the point of disagreement. To confirm that all the information in this form is accurate and accurate, indicate your signature and note the date of signature in any particular format. If you are not a Veteran, but you are completing this form as a duly noted representative, you must provide your full legal name, current mailing address, apartment or unit number, municipal, federal or provincial area code, country, postal code, telephone number with the prefix provided and e-mail address, but only if you want to place them. Any Veteran who has to appeal a decision on their entitlement to the Disability Award must use this form as it is the only way to express your refusal. Form VA 21-0958 is a statement of disagreement. Whenever you disagree with a statement or decision from your regional office regarding your entitlement to a disability award, you must use this form to indicate your refusal. In fact, this form is the only way to appeal against a decision described above. Great site! I bought most of your eBooks and found them very useful and I really appreciate the information about understanding and using VA. If you are a U.S. veteran or a well-known representative of someone who does not wish to agree with a decision about your entitlement to a disability award, you can fill out this form and submit it accordingly.

This section asks for specific details on issues of disagreement. You are also asked to provide information about your disagreement, for example. B the specific problem of disagreement, the area of divergence and the percentage evaluation target, if you know that. In this section, you are asked if you would like to discuss your disagreement over the phone. After completing the form, you must indicate a signature below. Otherwise, you will get it back to be signed. This significantly lengthens the processing of your form. Form VA 21-0958 or the Notification of Refusal Form (NOD) must be completed if one does not agree with the VA`s decision regarding entitlement to disability compensation. If you are a separate person from the Veteran concerned and you are his representative duly noted, you must also write your full legal name in the same format. Form VA 3288 – Request for Consent for the Disclosure of Information from the Person`s Records (347K) In the areas provided for this purpose in this section, you must indicate the specific issues of disagreement. These should be available in paragraphs and show why you consider these points to be a problem.

They are also prompted to select the check box for the domain of the disagreement.. . . .