The Commission considers that the provisions of Canada`s Immigration System Act, adopted on 28 June 2012, and in particular the decision to designate EU Member States as safe countries of origin and to process applications from their nationals in an expedited procedure, should serve as a deterrent for future unfounded asylum claims from the EU. The Commission therefore expects Canada to lift the visa requirement for Czech citizens from the date of the relevant provisions of the new law. Currently, the cap on the VWP visa refusal rate for applicant countries is 3%. Based on 2011 figures from the four Member States that are not yet participating in the state aid programme, Cyprus is the only one to meet this threshold; In 2011, visa refusal rates were 15.7% for Bulgaria, 10.2% for Poland and 22.4% for Romania. The introduction by the US authorities of a biometric airport exit system would allow them, in accordance with US law, to raise the visa refusal limit to 10%. In April 2014, The Minister of Tourism of Crimea proposed a visa-free regime for foreign tourists who stay up to 12 days in crimean resorts and a 72-hour visa for cruise passengers. [535] In June 2014, it was proposed that Chinese citizens be granted visa exemption. [536] Visa-free entry into cruise courts in Sevastopol began in September 2015[116] Other proposals have not been implemented. As part of the informal technical consultations between the Commission and Canada, which took place on 25 June 2012, the Commission committed to seeking, with Canada and in full consultation with the Member States concerned, ways of closer cooperation and to considering possible alternative proposals to address the issue of increasing the number of asylum seekers from the EU in Canada. However, such measures of closer cooperation should not be preconditions for Canada`s lifting of the visa requirement. 4. Either the two requirements in paragraph 7, paragraph B (i) of subsection (a) may be overturned by the Attorney General and the Secretary of State acting jointly at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok may attend a visa-free demonstration from 8 to 15 September 2018. [540] No later than one year after December 18, 2015 and thereafter each year, the Minister of Homeland Security submits a report on each instance to the Homeland Security Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Intelligence Committee and the House of Representatives Justice Committee.

in which the secretary exercised the waiver power referred to in Point C in the previous year.