That`s right: Comcast`s entry-level Internet plan does not allow customers to connect a Wi-Fi router and use devices such as modern smartphones, tablets or laptops. You want you to use a wired connection. Although Xfinity has a lot of costs, the twisted reality is that all TV and Internet providers do. The only thing you can do is plan what you get so you can enjoy your new TV package without worry. it.c internal cable. You can install wiring inside the premises ("Inside Wiring"), z.B. additional wiring and power sockets, provided this does not affect the normal operation of our cable network. If you install us, repair us or have the inside wiring maintained, we charge you for this service. No matter who installed it, Inside Wiring is your property or property, regardless of who owns the property. If you do not own the premises, contact your owner or site manager for the installation, repair or maintenance of Inside Wiring.

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