Since March 2014, same-sex couples can marry in the UK, but the possibility of a life partnership still exists for same-sex couples who wish to make a publicly recognised legal commitment, which is not a marriage. In May 2015, the Sejm again refused to address the issue: 215 MPs voted against and only 146 in favour. Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said civil partnerships were an issue that would have to be considered by the next Parliament. [149] Most overseas territories have not reported civil twinning projects. The British crown jersey dependency has civil partnerships available, but only for same-sex couples. Same-sex couples and same-sex couples from the Falkland Islands, the Isle of Man and Gibraltar will have civil marriages and life partnerships from 2016. [58] [59] [60] If you opt for a ceremony, you should discuss with the Registrar what you mean. Civil partnerships are prohibited from containing religious readings, music or symbols. [21] Originally, ceremonies were not allowed to be removed from religious places. On 17 February 2011, Her Majesty`s Government announced that, following the passage of the Equality Act 2010, it would present the necessary measures to remove the latter restriction in England and Wales, although religious places would not be forced to offer civil partnerships. This was implemented by the marriage and partnerships regulations (authorized premises) (amendment regulations) of 2011.

On 26 September 2011, the Home Office published the following statement on its website: Until 2009, 487 couples in 20 different countries were registered in British consulates. Since then, six of these countries have passed laws on same-sex marriage, life partnerships and other laws. British embassies in nine other countries have a licence to carry out the British Civil Partnership, but were yet to perform their first. A life partner who is not the biological parent of a child may apply for parental responsibility for the child, either by entering into a Step-Parental Responsibility Agreement with persons with parental responsibility or by receiving a parental responsibility order from the jurisdiction. For more information, visit our Parenting Page.